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Quivera Enterprises subsidiary Iscani Industries, LLC announced its first task award project at Fort Sill
[Anadarko, OK – 02/22/2023] Quivera Enterprises, LLC, a tribally-owned company and leading provider
of high-level management support, financial management, human resources, and business development
services to government agencies, announced today that its subsidiary, Iscani Industries, LLC (Iscani) was
awarded its first project at Fort Sill for $2.35 million to repair freeze damage.
The work for this project consists of providing all labor, equipment, and materials to repair the freeze
damage at Building 5955. This project also includes the demolition and repair of architectural,
mechanical, and electrical components.
“We are thrilled to begin our work at Fort Sill, which is near to our tribal headquarters” said Rachel
Crawford, a Wichita Tribal Member and President & CEO for Iscani. “Our ability to provide quality
driven results on our projects has translated into expanding our reach within Oklahoma and growing our
Iscani continues to have a strong start to fiscal year 2023 with the first contract award at Fort Sill, which
follows a recent announcement highlighted by a milestone award of $10 million with Tinker Air Force
For more information about Iscani Industries, Wichita Government Solutions, and Quivera Enterprises,
visit their site at
About Quivera Enterprises LLC, Iscani Industries and Wichita Government Solutions
Located in Anadarko, Oklahoma, Quivera Enterprises is a tribally owned company with four subsidiaries
including Anadarko Industries, Iscani Industries LLC, Wichita Government Solutions LLC, and Wichita
Tribal Enterprises LLC.
Iscani is certified as a “Buy Indian” firm under the Buy Indian Act 25 USC 47. “Buy Indian” status
provides preference in contract awards from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service.
Iscani is certified as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Indian Economic Enterprise, Indian Small
Business Economic Enterprise, and most recently received Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a)

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