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Ryan Wilham

About Ryan

Project Superintendent/Quality Control Manager

I’ll be working with Iscani, supervising projects on Tinker and others as needed. I will assist with Quality Control work as  needed. I will assist in training newly hired project superintendents, foremen and/or carpenters as needed to perform government projects successfully without delay. I am a team player/company man. I commit to the company and believe company loyalty is an absolute must for a team to produce a successful outcome. With all skillful members using their individual talents to smoothly move production tasks and goals forward.  I believe once a smooth routine is established then that’s about the time to search for ways to make some changes to improve even more, with efficiency and quality.

I did 3 ½ years in that school got my journeyman’s license in the local carpenter union and decided to pursue running my own construction company in residential.  I went to Rose State for 5 semesters in business management as I became a superintendent in 2014 and finished the 5 semesters in 2015.

My goals in life include constructing my country home into a personal paradise.  Continuing to be a productive and educational father to my son.  Continuing to get closer and closer to The Lord Jesus Christ.  Winning big at the racetrack with the drag car.  Take a long gulf to gulf ride on the motorcycle.  Spend time in the mountains as much as possible. Practice and try hard to be a responsible, respectable leader.


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